Pallet racking

A pallet rack system is a material handling mechanism that aids in storage of goods in palletized form. Goods are stored placed on pallets and placed in horizontal configuration with several levels that can allow forklift access. Pallets racking systems are mainly used in warehouses storage and distribution centres but different areas can apply the system.

Extra information about pallet racking

Who would need pallet racking?

All business organizations involved in manufacturing or retail can use pallet rack systems owing to the many benefits. Pallet racks have been designed to aid businesses and individuals find easy storage solutions. When installed properly, they provide better organization of storage space. It also allows easy arrangement and faster retrieval of products, thereby aiding efficient running of storage facilities. With limited storage space, pallet racks allows you to utilize vertical space hence save up on extra storage costs. Since pallet racks systems are made from steel, a durable material, you get longer shelf life, ability to hold heavy products hence value for money.

Where is pallet racking used?

Pallet racks can be used in any place with huge storage needs. Since they are popular in warehouses and distribution centres, the need to store different products extends to other industries with stock. For instance, hospitals warehouses can use the pallet system to store different drugs. Here, either first-in first-out (FIFO) or last-in last-out (LIFO) basis is used. This means the products with near expiry dates are first used or the last product to be stored is retrieved first. LIFO is common when dealing with non-perishable products like electronic. Application of pallet racks extends to retails stores, food manufacturing, and flower export business among other areas.

What are the most common uses of pallet racking?

Pallet racks can be made from wood, plastic or metals. Depending on your needs, you can be sure to choose the right racking system to suit your type of storage. Having that in mind, pallet racks are used mainly to store different kinds of products ranging from food, electronics, textile, home improvement products and any product resulting from manufacturing processes. The ideal product intended for this type of storage should fit in the pallet.

Making the right decision

While choosing to install your storage racking system, be informed as this a lifetime investment. For this reason, factor in your storage needs. Select among the different types of pallet racks whether drive-indrive-through, selective rack, push back, pallet flow or mobile pallet racks. Study each type and considering your storage needs, make the right decision.